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The Community Can Can charity event was a huge success!

Harmony Management has joined the 4th Annual Hindman Sanchez Community Can Can. This food drive raised over 18,000 pounds of food last year. The competition was a two part event, first part is to collect the most canned goods and we hope to make a major contribution with at least 500 cans. The second part was a creative challenge to build the coolest structure out of the cans collected. This is an actual competition amongst different community management companies from across the Denver area

Thank you to all who helped in our quest to collect. This was Harmony Management Group’s inaugural attempt to win the competition, unfortunately, we didn’t take the cake…

The day was not a loss by any means and many lessons were learned. We found that Lamas and Alpacas do not like the ears touched but goats love it! We witnessed firsthand what the community can do when it teams up, great contributions can be made and lives are truly affected.

Finally, we learned that no matter how stiff the competition, all differences can be mended with the simple joy of working for something bigger than ourselves (and a couple of people in drag always helps!).

Thanks again to all who helped us in our quest to collect and compete. The real winners are those who received an abundant amount of food from this great charity event.

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