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Homeowner Resources

Resource information is made available online for your convenience, here or in your HOA Access Portal, including access to required forms and documentation, as well as relevant laws and regulations. Contact us if you would like to see other topics added or updated.

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Required for making any changes to the exterior of your property or any interior modifications that affect the structural integrity (i.e. floors or walls).

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Snow Removal Information

Snow removal in community associations is a challenge. No one knows what weather conditions mother-nature will bring. Here are some general guidelines and helpful information for managing snow removal policies.

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Laws & Regulations

Below are a number of links to relevant information. We try our best to keep this page up to date, however, please feel free to contact us in case one of the links is no longer valid.

Colorado Laws Affecting Community Associations

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA” or “Act”), which went into effect on July 1, 1992, is a comprehensive statute covering the creation and operation of common interest communities (“CICs”). Its goal is the effective and efficient operation of homeowner associations in those many areas in which associations are involved, such as assessment collection, insurance, rules and regulations, and the maintenance of common elements. The Act gives more specific delineation to the organizational structure of homeowner associations and better standardizes association operations. The Act also does much to address responsible and flexible development of condominiums, town homes and planned unit developments (“PUDs”).

Senate Bills 05-100 and 06-89

Colorado Senate Bill 05-100 signed into law in 2005 is a lengthy and complex bill designed to enhance homeowners right and require better, more open management of Common Interest Communities (HOAs). The bill brings about changes in a number of Colorado statutes. Its greatest affect is upon CCIOA (Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act) C. R. S. 38-33.3-101 and following.

House Bill 08-1270

House Bill 08-1270 is a new law which became effective on August 6, 2008, it is aimed at addressing energy conservation in homeowners associations and promotes the use of solar and wind energy generating devices by Colorado residents.

House Bill 09-1359

HB 1359 became effective on August 5, 2009 and applies to all common interest communities. This requires associations to:
Become educated about the types of reserve studies available and costs.

Adopt a policy which addresses:

  • When a reserve study will be done and how often if will be updated.
  • Whether the reserve study will be based on a physical and financial analysis.
  • Whether the association has a plan for funding the work recommended in the plan and if so, the possible sources including use of regular assessments, special assessments, borrowing, etc.
  • The policy must be consistent with governing documents and should be consistent with the association’s responsible governance policy on investment of reserves.
  • Follow the established policy!

House Bill 10-1278

HB 10-1278 created the HOA Information & Resource Center to provide information on the rights and duties of unit owners, developers and associations under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act. The Center is housed within the Colorado Division of Real Estate, which is under the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

Among other things, the Center was created to compile statistical information related to community associations, and was to serve as a clearing house for HOA-related complaints. Mr. Acker fielded these complaint calls throughout 2011, and issued his first report in Januaruy 2012. The report showed a variety of complaints related to specific categories, including requests for records, failure to follow governing documents and allegations of harassment and retaliation against owners by boards and managers. A couple of months later, DORA published its official Sunrise Review of proposed manager licensing requirements, with the general conclusion that the HOA industry would be better served by regulation of management companies.

House Bill 12-1237

House Bill 12-1237 (“HB 1237”) was introduced in the Colorado General Assembly in 2012 to address the issue of the retention and production of community association records.