Client Testimonial

Stapleton HOAThe Stapleton/SPRH#2 HOA Board

In 2012, The Stapleton/SPRH#2 HOA board interviewed several management companies before coming to the decision to contract with Harmony Management.  There were three key reasons for our decision:

  1. Straight Forward, Direct Communication
  2. Issue Resolution, and
  3. Overhead

In 2012/2013, we worked very closely with you and your team to transition our HOA to Harmony and to review all of the previous work that had been completed.  During that time we were not disappointed:

  • Communication – The communication, guidance, comments we received from Harmony was very direct and made it easier for the board to discuss and address issues.  The Harmony team was willing to work with us to ensure that we had the information that was necessary and that our expectations were realistic.
  • Issue Resolution – Your interview responses were accurate – we have received status updates on issues that were raised by the board and homeowners.  We also found that the Harmony team was addressing issues (within their management scope) and providing a status to the board.  Our experience with Harmony and issue resolution has been a significant improvement to what we experienced with our previous management company.
  • Overhead – During the interview process, the Harmony team stated that they would work with us to keep your fees as low as possible and work with us to keep our costs under control.  In both cases, you and the Harmony team have excelled.

In short, the Stapleton Row Homes No. 2 HOA Board has been very pleased with the transition and with the quality of service that we have received from Harmony.
Keep up the good work!


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