We do far more than just keep the lights on!  Harmony Management is happy to offer a wide range of services from the inception of a new HOA to FHA Approvals. We have the experience to guide you along the way.

FHA Approval:  Let us help you get your community FHA approved. The value of living in an FHA approved community will be especially noticeable when the time comes to sell your home, generating a larger buyers market.  FHA loans are a primary resource for home buyers today. Ask us how to get your community FHA approved.

Homeowner Training: Homeowner 101 training sessions occur twice a year. These sessions are taught by industry professionals and explain the benefits of living in an HOA, like how to properly insure your home or how to avoid covenant violations.

Board Member Training: Board trainings happen twice a year as well.  These classes are geared to teach what is necessary to run a smooth operation.  Topic covered in the board trainings range from what constitutes a covenant violation to what is your role as a board member.

Builder services: For communities that are on the verge of development, we can prepare the new HOA budget.  Time and builder relationships have given us the experience required to create a comprehensive plan for your new development.

HOA Start-up:  Are you ready to establish a new community association but not sure where to start?  Let us help you.